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Subject Re: Adding a new Project on Jakarta
Date Thu, 13 Oct 2005 16:43:41 GMT
>Hello Joao,

>2005/10/13, <>:
>> The JFTP4I is a new idea for the concept of using FTP for integration
>> purposes. Here in Brasil (and i think very much in the rest of the 
>> all the legacy systems are basically using FTP as a way of integrating
>> different platforms running under TCP/IP. Example: we have a lot of 
>> of programs running in the mainframe that are actually using FTP to
>> transmit data to the lower-platform. The JFTP4I is actually an 
>> server that can support a number of deployed application inside the FTP
>> engine. A general flow will be: The user(system) makes a put (or read)
>> file request to the JFTP4I, the FTP engine then recognizes (using the 
>> configuration file) the actual FTPAction to be executed, and then
>> delegates the flow to the right method inside the action - The 
>> uses the PODA/MVC II patterns, and is very similar to the Jakarta 
>> framework (request -> controller -> Action). This framework can do a 
>> of things, like generate files dinamically (files that do not actually
>> exist on disk, files that are created dinamically), implement 
>> responses between systems, manage a secure exchange of files using
>> detailed transactions, trace, and so forth.
>Sounds very interesting and it is similar to what was in our MINA 
>MINA project team will provide protocol handlers for well-known protocols
>such FTP, HTTP, and SMTP on top of MINA. I guess your team has 
>it without any network framework. It could be much better if we 
>And perhaps we could cooperate with 'ftpserver' team who is already in

I love the idea, how can we organize this? Yes (kkkk) we had implemented 
the standart FTP commands :-P(PI and DTP) defined in the rfc959, just i 
nightmare to understand and use. Maybe we can join forces, why not.

        []s, João

>Please take a look around MINA web site:


>'Getting Started' section will provide you enough information. It would 
>great if you let me know what you think.

>what we call human nature is actually human habit

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