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From David Crossley <>
Subject Re: ftpserver has broken svn directory on webserver
Date Fri, 21 Oct 2005 01:17:23 GMT
Sorry if i sound frustrated today. 

When ftpserver sprang back to life recently
we started getting svn commit mails coming to
the general@ list. This was a sign that an old
project was not configured the same way that the
newer ones are.

After one of my messages to general, Rana contacted
me offlist and i explained what need to happen with
the website side of things. Not sure about their
mail lists.

I also requested not to do offlist email, because
now i cannot refer back to that effort. Will try again:

The instructions are at
(Yes they need to be improved. I will try that
after this message.)

The source documents for your project website:

The generated documents for your project website:

Make sure that your subversion client is properly
configured. This vastly reduces the amount of traffic
on the svn email commits, e.g. *.pdf

cd /www/
svn update

Rana Bhattacharyya wrote:
>     It is true that I have not checked-in the latest
> generated project pages in SVN. The reasons are as
> follows:
> 1. The website has javadocs. So do we need to commit
> those things in SVN?

A lot of projects don't put javadocs in their SVN,
just manually add them to the webserver each time that
you regenerate them. Just have an empty directory
in your site svn.

(If committers want to help with better ways to
generate and maintain javadocs et al, then come to
the site-dev mailing list.)

> I got few mails to minimize the
> SVN footprint. So I did not commit the generated docs
> in SVN. If I commit everything in SVN, slowly the SVN
> size would be huge and it might be difficult to
> maintain.

Why would it be difficult?

> 2. The site can be generated anytime from the source
> code. Do we really need to put the generated doc in
> SVN?

Yes. It is then a lot easier for people who
are unfamiliar with your project or website,
to help fix it, like we needed to do today.

> 3. According to
> the project site would be
> So
> the path should be
> /www/

Nope, that is old. See above.

> Please let me know the proper way to update site.

Hope that helps.


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