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From "Roopa Trivedi \(rotrived\)" <>
Subject Q about using secure FTP server
Date Mon, 24 Oct 2005 23:49:29 GMT
I'm interested in using the FTPServer located on Apache's Incubator. I
have downloaded it and I'm trying the secure mode, using explicit

I have got the Jscape secure client for the client piece, but when I run
the FTPServer in secure mode, I get a connection refused error.

I may not have configured the SSL parameters correctly in the
configuration file of the FTPServer. Is there some more info on how to
do that? I copied over the sample .xml config file and uncommented the
socket-connection and data-connection.ssl sections. I assumed that since
they all have default values, those should work. I have also tried
various other combinations, uncommenting the whole data-connection
section and not just the .ssl section, but nothing seems to work.

Please clarify if I'm missing something. Any help would be very much

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