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From Cliff Schmidt <>
Subject Re: [VOTE] Proposal for Tobago, an Apache MyFaces subproject
Date Tue, 06 Sep 2005 20:12:33 GMT
On 9/5/05, Ted Husted <> wrote:
> On 9/6/05, Martin Marinschek <> wrote:
> > Well, I didn't argument against using the incubator infrastructure.
> >
> > Nobody seemed too interested here, though (in contradiction to the
> > MyFaces community, who was very interested), that's why Ted probably
> > thought about going through the MyFaces sandbox directly as a code
> > grant is already in place and the licensing issue is very clear.
> >
> > No problem at all for going through a separate incubator SVN - Ted ?
> >
> > and thanks for at least some feedback to this proposal ;)
> Perhaps the best thing to do would be to vet just the code through the
> incubator. Once the IP is cleared, we can move it to the MyFaces area,
> and deal with things like new committers as MyFaces project issues.
> I'm not comfortable asking root for new accounts or other resources
> under the auspices of the Incubator PMC when we don't have a quorum of
> three binding +1s here.

I've read the proposal and looked at the current project site.  As a
member of the Incubator PMC, I'd vote +1 if a vote was needed. 
However, since it sounds like the MyFaces PMC has already voted to
accept the  project; so I would suggest that you treat this project
like any new incubator project and get accounts set up for each new
committer (after CLAs are received).

As far as whether just the code goes through incubation or whether the
whole community goes through incubation, I think that's a call made by
the MyFaces PMC.  If the PMC believes that most of the key committers
are new to Apache, then they should have the entire project incubated
(still not requiring a vote of the Incubator PMC until graduation,
under the current rules).  If the MyFaces PMC believes that their own
community (current set of committers and contributors) can already
support the code, then they should just incubate the code and add any
outside committers through their normal meritocratic process.


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