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From Paul Hammant <>
Subject Re: [Ftpserver] Paul Hammant's Observations
Date Sat, 17 Sep 2005 19:36:23 GMT
>     I did not get this mail in
> So I missed it.
> Anyway, these are the points.
> 1. I can see ftplet directory src and binary
> distributions. Which ftplet directory are you
> mentioning?

my mistake, a cvs update -d did the trick.

> 2. Now I am working on maven support. When I tried to
> merge Maven support patch by David DeWolf, I noticed
> many checkstyle errors and I need to change all the
> document xdoc files. So I would have missed 15th
> September. I shall commit all Maven related changes
> soon.


> 3. In my opinion multiple subprojects complicate the
> structure. So I have merged these into one. If
> necessary we can change the build script to
> include/exclude ftplet or gui folders to make separate
> jar files.

Well we'll differ on that then.

In my opinion these are design goals:

1) Remote usage, requires remote API, but not server impl to be in  
the jar

2) Third party ftp-lets should, in terms of classloader, be  
completely hidden from the server implementation.  They should only  
see J2SE classes, plus the FtpLet API

This is the same design as the servlets.

Also, I've bumped the license rev to 2.0 as per Apache requirements.

- Paul

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