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From "Glen Daniels" <>
Subject RE: Recent Incubator proposals ( was Re: a few steps before approving a project)
Date Thu, 01 Sep 2005 21:46:40 GMT

> Actually, there were at least two that I know of:
> Sonic: 
> e_648412/index.ssp?
> I was the PRC member who gave feedback to IONA, which they
> incorporated.  Any complaints about that one should be directed at me.
>  Giving it another look now, I think I should have  suggested that one
> of the sentences be reworded to not indicate that IONA is joining the
> project, but that IONA is sponsoring employees who are joining the
> project.

I'll take point for the Sonic release, and I can certainly attempt to
get it altered to that end.  It's a little tricky word-wise, though -
isn't it in fact true that IONA/Sonic/etc will be contributing to the
projects, even if simply by blessing their employees to do so on the
company dime?  I certainly think that IBM, CA, and Macromedia greatly
contributed to the creation of Axis, for instance, even though it was
really Tom Jordahl, Russell Butek, and all the other individuals who did
the work (while being paid to do so by their employers).  It's certainly
true that there isn't a shared company committership or anything, but is
it wrong to say in this case that Infravio or Sonic, say, will be
contributing expertise to Synapse?  I guess "sponsoring" has a different
tone than "contributing"?

Honestly, I am really sick of the PR tilt-a-whirl at this point and just
want to get on with making the community and the codebase for the
project as good as we can make them.


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