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From Erik Abele <>
Subject Re: The Incubator and Infrastructure
Date Fri, 02 Sep 2005 13:17:03 GMT
On 02.09.2005, at 14:45, Davanum Srinivas wrote:

> Sal and Ian from HP expressed interest on general@ws:
> general&m=111901932102075&w=2

Quoting: "What are the steps for me to get set up w/ admin
rights for SVN? Once I get set up, I'll read up on how to do basic SVN
admin tasks, and then try to knock out some of the easier issues in  

> I gave them the pointers:
> general&m=111901966108282&w=2

Quoting: "...There are various readme's in infrastructure SVN. ... In  
your intro
email, specifically mention that you are on the WS-PMC, want to help
with mailing lists and SVN and that you can start with the pending
tasks of migrating stuff off of incubator."

Dims, come on - this is not the way the ASF works. What would you do  
if someone came to one of the WS dev-lists and asked: "Okay, I'm  
willing to help, give me committership and I'll see where I can help  
out with some commits..." - huh?

Isn't it rather in the line of: "Hey, I've found a problem and worked  
out a solution, here it is (e.g. a patch), can we integrate that?" -  
same with infra: "hey, i found some SVN issues in Jira. I've set up a  
test repo in my homedir and imported their CVS module, looks good so  
far. Can we integrate that with the live repo and shut down the CVS  
module after the developers confirmed that everything is fine?"

That's the difference, you know ;-)

> They started a thread in infra@ mailing list:
> <>
> See the end of the thread, they asked for read-only access to infra
> stuff to read the FAQ and README's:
> Then they attempted to ask on #asfinfra for the same permissions to
> read material and get to know stuff. That's where they were given the
> brush off.

There is no real documentation in the infra repo regarding this. It's  
all public: - what do they need to  
resolve these JIRA issues? Can they look at them, think about them  
and then come up with specific requests?

For example: "Someone is asking for karma for XXX in JIRA; from  
reading the list and the website, I guess he will have to be added to  
the file minotaur:/x1/svn/asf-authorization but I don't have karma to  
do this by myself so here is a patch..." - do that and I promise  
you'll be in in the near future :)

> Sigh! the SVN module
> should be at least viewable by committers if you want/expect them to
> help.

Sigh! I don't understand why this repository is so important before  
opening up a terminal, ssh'ing to, sitting down  
and looking around?!? That's a mystery to me but so be it and afaiac  
I'd be fine with opening it up since we scrubbed every bit of  
sensitive information in there some time ago...


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