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From Henri Yandell <>
Subject Software grants Was: a few steps before approving a project
Date Fri, 02 Sep 2005 02:50:53 GMT
On 9/1/05, Justin Erenkrantz <> wrote:
> --On September 1, 2005 12:28:13 PM -0400 James Carman
> <> wrote:
> > So, does that mean that Jakarta Commons Proxy will have to go through the
> > Incubator?  Right now, it's a commons sandbox project, so it's not
> > officially supported.  The code first lived in my "syringe" project I
> > created over at  It was all developed by me under the Apache
> > License 2.0.  Will Commons Proxy have to go through the Incubator to get
> > into commons proper?  Or, should it be in the incubator now?

Figuring out how the sandbox(es) and the incubator work together is
increasingly flagging on my attention list. Sam's list of rules is the
most concrete thing I've seen so far:

* If the SVN tree was always on ASF infrastructure, 
* the code was always under the Apache License, 
* and the committers were all ASF committers,
=> then no trip through the incubator is necessary.

<= If any ONE of these things are not true (example: code on CodeHaus
 created by ASF committers with Apache license), then incubator needs to
 be involved to ensure that there is a proper audit trail.

This is pretty painful, write a class outside the ASF that you own the
copyright to, then go through pain to get it in. Still, it's the
system and we need to try the system before we try to break it :)

> The Incubator (with its delegated responsibilities from the board)
> currently specifies that all external code imports that is going to be
> maintained at the ASF must have a 'software grant' on file:
> <>

How is this submitted? Does it have to be fax/postal (ie very slow
feedback loop)? Do we send to Jim or the Incubator?

> Whether anything else is required is a decision for the Incubator PMC after
> knowing more about the situation.  In a lot of cases, that's all that is
> needed.

Didn't get anywhere with the Commons CSV stuff earlier, but I probably
didn't understand the right questions to ask. Currently I'm preparing
an Incubator proposal and hoping it'll just amount to a software grant
and then we can be out of the Incubator.

So another question here, is the de-facto new project template the
correct way to bring component/code into the sandbox/an existing

> If any PMC is importing code to our repository without going through the
> Incubator, then they are in violation of ASF policy.  -- justin

The message is starting to get across and we'll get there. 


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