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From Rana Bhattacharyya <>
Subject [Ftpserver] Paul Hammant's Observations
Date Thu, 15 Sep 2005 06:08:02 GMT
Hi Paul,

    I did not get this mail in So I missed it.

Anyway, these are the points.

1. I can see ftplet directory src and binary
distributions. Which ftplet directory are you

2. Now I am working on maven support. When I tried to
merge Maven support patch by David DeWolf, I noticed
many checkstyle errors and I need to change all the
document xdoc files. So I would have missed 15th
September. I shall commit all Maven related changes

3. In my opinion multiple subprojects complicate the
structure. So I have merged these into one. If
necessary we can change the build script to
include/exclude ftplet or gui folders to make separate
jar files.

Rana Bhattacharyya

Paul Hammant wrote:


1) there is an ftplet directory missing ..

2) You've got rid of Maven and gone back to ant?

3) and collapsed multiple sub projects into one source

- Paul

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