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From Leo Simons <>
Subject Re: Roles: user, committer, member, etc.
Date Tue, 13 Sep 2005 20:07:08 GMT
On Tue, Sep 13, 2005 at 12:45:04PM -0700, Justin Mason wrote:
> > Indeed. I have a hunch that "re-inventing the collaboration wheel" is a
> > significant part of "the apache way". An organisational structure that
> > is completely patching itself at every level has a lot of appeal.
> Hmm.  Why does constant change have a lot of appeal?

Not quite what I meant. I meant that it is good to have people thinking about
how they want to run their own project and it is good to give them some
leeway. And incorporating change as part of our processes is better than
setting things in stone.

Messiness and confusion seem to be a consequence. Those don't have much appeal
at all :-)

> We in SpamAssassin certainly found it confusing, for a while -- we assumed
> that there was some central thought about this, then realised that no,
> every project/subproject does it differently.

Indeed. Incubating a project at apache is hard, innit?

The SpamAssassin proved very capable of dealing with all the weirdness and
confusion and inconsistencies. I have the idea (not very founded on solid
research) spamassassin is doing well without requiring much "active
oversight" from other parties. I think that partly that may be because the
project was allowed to "carve out" its own space in the apache landscape,
perhaps taking its turn at defining some bits of what that landscape actually

> It would be nice to have an "overview" doc on a wiki somewhere, describing
> different projects' approaches, to make this clear.  It would be
> especially useful for incoming incubator projects, because in our
> experience it was a major stumbling block.

Aye. David has put in lots of work along these lines along with a handful of
other people. The "handful" is why there isn't better documentation.

I had hoped that the Incubator would be self-sustaining (in that people who
were brought in through new projects would stick around and be helping out
with incubation and other foundation-wide tasks). While there are some
obvious exceptions, it seems they really are exceptions to the rule.



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