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From David Crossley <>
Subject Roles: user, committer, member, etc.
Date Mon, 12 Sep 2005 10:16:49 GMT
(Hopefully this is the correct list for this topic.
The second paragraph on the Incubator website seems
to indicate so.)

One thing that is bothering at the ASF is not having a
clear definition of the various roles.

We seem to be having endless discussions at some
projects about what it means to be a committer and
a PMC member and an ASF member.

It seems that over the years too much distinction
has been made and some the roles have become confused.
For example [4] says that "committers" have the
right to vote on community-related decisions
and [5] has that as the PMC member.

I think that the first two sentences of the PMC
role in [5] need to move back into the Committer role.
The PMC role should then stress that it is up to
each project to define the composition of its PMC.

If no-one says otherwise, then i will change that.

I presume that even though committers can vote on
project decisions, it is still its PMC that has
the binding votes.

Are there any other clarifications that are needed?

Been using the waybackmachine to investigate older
versions of our website to try to see how these
roles developed ...


"Members" were mentioned here and in the bylaws.
"Each project is managed by a self-selected team of technical
experts who are active contributors to the project, according
to whatever guidelines for collaborative development are best
suited to that project."


The top-level website gained this "Roles" document
as the link "Management" on the left-hand menu.
The 'svn log' shows that this was modelled after
a similar document from Jakarta.

It defines various different roles: users, developers,
committers, PMC, Foundation members.


Later update of the Roles doc before merge with How-it-works.


The initial version of the "How it works" doc.
Only mentioned "user, committer, member" as the "merit stages".

At this stage we had two separate documents which described
the roles. So we tried to merge the two.


This is today's document.


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