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From Davanum Srinivas <>
Subject Re: a few steps before approving a project
Date Thu, 01 Sep 2005 20:27:55 GMT
Please see below:

On 8/31/05, Cliff Schmidt <> wrote:
> - change the Incubator PMC charter (not that we have a official
> charter) to include approving of all new projects, so that once a
> sponsor PMC (if not the Incubator PMC) approves a new project, the
> Incubator PMC still has to give a final approval.

+1. It does not have to be a formal VOTE on the pmc mailing list. It
could be a note from PMC chair to general@ after a week or so. If
something crops up in that time frame, PMC Chair can ask for a VOTE.

> - ensure all proposals use the same standard template -- we've
> recently gotten proposals that simply copied some other proposal they
> saw -- we're not really making sure that any one set of standard
> questions is answered.

+1 Absolutely (We do this already, but its because we are lazy :)

> - add a question to the template asking whether the person(s)
> proposing are aware of similar open source projects inside or outside
> the ASF.  I'm not suggesting that a project wouldn't get approved if
> there is some similar high profile open source project, but at least
> we are explicitly asking the question and getting the information.

+0 Folks involved know better than to waste everyones time duplicating
work. But If this list makes you sleep better, sure. But i don't
really think it will help much.

> - consider having a formal liaison at a few key external open source
> communities to give a friendly notice to whenever the Incubator PMC
> knows there's a proposal that could be controversial.   This really
> only works if we add the new proposal question mentioned above and
> create a more centralized process of looping the Incubator PMC in
> *before* a project is approved.

-0 (leaning toward -0.25/-0.5) for formal liaison. Don't want
pre-existing preudjices to judge the proposal.
Incubator our sandbox. -0 to have a pre-sandbox-sandbox. Let's do
whatever is needed in public. What are u worried about here? press? I
thought we are here to share our work and make the world a better
place. Not focused on poll numbers or what the press says.

> - require that the Incubator PMC loops in the PRC on any project that
> could have any chance of media attention (either because of the
> overall significance of the project, the potential for controversy,
> expected vendor press releases, or the opportunity to release a joint
> statement with some other organization).

+1 Question is when do u want this to happen BEFORE the proposal hits
the general@incubator or after that? Again, don't want a

> I really don't want to add more process than necessary, but as the
> ASFs importance continues to grow, I think there a few issues that
> should be addressed with each new project, and I'm hoping steps like
> these could help that to happen.  Of course, an incubating project
> isn't an officially endorsed ASF project, but we still call it "Apache
> foo" and it's certainly perceived by the outside as being an action by
> the ASF when it is accepted for incubation.

Am ok for calling it just "Foo" if it helps avert problems.

> BTW, the XMLBeans PMC just voted to add a single member to the PMC,
> and even that required a 72-hour wait after getting Board
> acknowledgement (which is fine with me)....why should there be
> fewer checks to get an entire project approved?

+1 to an ACK from PMC chair before the projects gets infra stuff started.

> Cliff
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