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From Davanum Srinivas <>
Subject Re: a few steps before approving a project
Date Thu, 01 Sep 2005 19:57:07 GMT
My 2 cents, Hani style :) 

Names of individual committers are on the Synapse Proposal...No one
had ANY problems when the WS PMC was struggling to gain acceptance and
struggling to get people excited and willing to contribute. No one
lifted a finger when we got bad press because of IBM's or JBoss's

Suddenly when we get some traction with the exciting work we are doing
and news spreads, we get the brickbats from EXACTLY the same people
who should be supportive and understanding. Am just getting sick of
it. Incubator won't graduate projects if there isn't diversity. IF you
try to build diversity from the get-go then we get an earful.

IF we even seem to appear to sneak something by AM sure we will get an
earful BUT in this case we courted IONA and got their support and
showed that we can build diversity that spans OW and Apache. For this
what do we get, brick bats again.

No one has told us that we did a good job getting many people from
various backgrounds to work on something exciting and new and cutting
edge. All we hear are innuendoes...No one is willing to tell us
EXACTLY what the team that put together this proposal did wrong. Yes,
we could have mentioned that there could be some fall out because of
OW/Celtix. BUT we took care of it by working with the folks involved
and getting them interested in what we are doing. Yes, we could have
secretly email the PMC. BUT THIS IS OPEN SOURCE for god's  sake. If
you have a problem, talk about it in general mailing lists.

Look we have no code, some code from Infravio is using Axis 1.X and
the porposal makes it clear that it is only for "consultation" and not
a seeding codebase. So we are practically starting from scratch. No
one even understands that.

Am getting demoralized now because of all this brouhaha over nothing.
Guess, we don't really mean to be open. Suddenly even building
businesses around Open Source seems to be a bad idea given the
reactions for just one DAMN PROPOSAL. I guess given all the acrimony
we should stop introducing any projects in Apache. Let's just rot and

/me wishes he were an employee of MSFT


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