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From Bertrand Delacretaz <>
Subject Re: Roles: user, committer, member, etc.
Date Sat, 17 Sep 2005 08:16:52 GMT
Le 17 sept. 05, à 01:19, Thorsten Scherler a écrit :
> ...I am actually unsure whether or not a committer role makes sense 
> because
> e.g. the cocoon based projects have given the commit right to each
> other. That means per definition of the role (that we have now) that 
> new
> committer entering e.g. forrest will be as well committer to cocoon
> without even to have to submit a single line of code....

Note that over at Cocoon we make an important distinction between

a) having commit rights to the code repository
b) being a committer, in the sense of having a demonstrated committment 
to the project, voting rights, etc.

Lenya (I'm not sure about Forrest but it should be the same IMO) 
committers currently get commit rights to the Cocoon repository as a 
convenience, so that they can fix small things easily when needed, but 
this does *not* make them committers in the sense of b).

Cocoon also has several committers who have not added a single line of 
code to the project - they're here because they help the project go 
forward in other valuable ways.

I don't want to blur the picture, but it's important to make the 
distinction: committing code is only one of the ways in which a 
committer can help - at least in the Cocoon view of these things.

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