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From Brett Porter <>
Subject Re: JDO2 Snapshots
Date Fri, 05 Aug 2005 23:55:12 GMT
Hi Brian, is not synced to ibiblio. We've
removed all snapshots from ibiblio's Maven2 repository (though
retaining them in the original maven one for backwards compatibility).

It'd be great if you can put them up at, maybe under a
group of org.apache.incubator.jdo? The artifactId can remain as it
would be, and then the group just needs to be changed if it a later
release is made after the project has graduated.

Those that want to utilise it from that repository can add the
repository to their list of remote repositories in the file (something already done by Directory and
Geronimo, for example).


On 8/6/05, Brian McCallister <> wrote:
> Is it okay for the (incubating) jdo project to post snapshots to the
> maven repository at ibiblio via the repo?
> The only catch is figuring a good way to label it as in incubation.
> One option is to include it the artifact id, so it would be something
> like:
> jdo2-incubating-2.0-SNAPSHOT
> Any thoughts?
> -Brian
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