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From Paul Hammant <>
Subject Re: cvs2svn: altrmi + ftpserver
Date Fri, 26 Aug 2005 03:06:53 GMT

Welcome back.

> I was busy for the last 2 yesrs. So I could not touch
> it. Anyway, I have started working on it about 2
> months ago. I guess it will take one more month. These
> are the things I have done.
> 1. Got rid of Avalon. As Avalon project is defunct,
> there is no point using it.
> 2. Implicit and explicit SSL/TLS support.
> 3. Ftplet API has been implemented.
> 4. User defined message support.
> 5. Removed RMI based administrator UI. All these
> things can be done using SITE command. So there is no
> point complicating the server.
> 6. Whole new documentation.
> 7. Added provision to support i18n later.

Fantastic feature set.

> The basic objective is simplicity and zero dependency
> on other libraries. We should not complicate it unless
> we have some compelling reasons. If you want to take a
> look I can send the source code. But at this point it
> is not ready to publish.

There is the big problem dude :-)

The code @ Apache is being slowly morphed by myself based on the  
contributions from some new friends of FtpServer.  Its great that so  
many people are interested, but please, one by one or all at a time,  
commit your changes to FtpServer here rather than continue with a  
long rework. We trust you to do great work, but in my experience  
there is plenty of room for people to commit to the same code-base.  
If we were in Subversion there would be even more room !

> As I have done a massive refactoring, instead of
> dumping the existing source we can dump the new source
> after one month.

Confused ...

> BTW, a logo and product name will be useful. I was
> thinking about "Jadoo". Please do suggest what you are
> thinking.

A new product name is alluring.  I suggest the time to finalize on  
one would be on exit from Incubator.

- Paul

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