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From Matthias Marschall <>
Subject Project Infrastructure Platform (Discussed at ApacheCon)
Date Tue, 30 Aug 2005 14:52:27 GMT
As discussed at the ApacheCon we're thinking seriously about open 
sourcing our project infrastructure platform (aka collaborative project 
management platform).

We have been thinking about making our platform open source for quite 
some time but we were not sure, whether this is an interesting project 
for the open source community. At ApacheCon I was very glad to learn 
that the topic seems to find quite a bit of interest.

Our vision is to build a platform for providing all necessary 
infrastructure for running projects on the net. We want to provide 
and/or integrate all applications and services required to successfully 
build a project community.

Currently our platform supports document management, a closed 
communication channel, workflows, administration of communities and some 
industry specific applications.

Especially the administration of a wide spread community consisting of 
individuals and members of various organizations is an interesting topic 
where we've put quite some efforts into. We developed ways for inviting 
new participants to projects, creating of groups of participants, 
managing permissions for applications/services for them etc.

We're planning to extend our platform to enable integration of external 
applications like mailing lists, version control systems, wikis etc. 
Another possible extension would be a central portal for managing and 
accessing all the applications and services.

Our platform is currently targeted to the real estate and construction 
market (hence the construction industry specific marketing on our 
website) but technologically it is completely agnostic to any specific 

It is a J2EE application usings lots of Apache projects already.

Currently we're working on developing a business case based on an open 
source software kernel. I see a quite clear win/win situation for the 
open source  community and for my company in making our platform open 
But I could use additional arguments and maybe knowledge about 
successful business models based on open source software as I've been 
asked to present this open source strategy to our board of directors on 
the 22nd September. I hope to get a decision there to go on with it.

I would appreciate your feedback about the benefits you see in such a 
platform. Would it generate the necessary interest within the ASF to 
enter the incubator and to attract a vital community around the core 
developers provided by us? Do you think the ASF would be a suitable 
place for our open source project or shall we look for a differnt 
place/community/license model?

Matthias Marschall, conject AG

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