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From Martin Sebor <>
Subject Re: [Fwd: Question about stdcxx development snapshots]
Date Mon, 01 Aug 2005 19:18:56 GMT
Leo Simons wrote:
> So, ehm, one more time,
> Could you peeps *please* stop using for questions
> like this? Development at apache happens in public.
> is the e-mail address to use for questions like
> this. Please subscribe to it, read through some of its archives, and see how
> "things are done". PMC mailing lists (and similarly PPMC mailing lists) are
> for very sensitive issues only.

I apologize for using the wrong list(s). My only excuse is that we
CC'd stdcxx-dev on our original question but got no responses. I was
misled by the Releases section of the Incubation Policy document,
specifically this sentence:

   Podlings in Incubation SHALL NOT perform any releases of software
   without the explicit approval of the Incubator PMC.

into believing that was the list where we
should turn with questions/requests regarding releases from the

FWIW, I am subscribed to the incubator mailing list and have read
some (although obviously not all) of the past posts. I have been
using as the interface to browse
the archives. I don't see any way to search through them, though.
Is there a different page that I should use?


> Answering your question,
> yes, any tarball or zipfile or other distribution you push out to users
> falls under the policy referenced below. Apache is extremely proud and
> protective of and confident in the quality of the software it releases, and
> you should be too. Review is hence a necessary part of that process. You can
> find examples of asking for approval in the general@incubator mailing list
> archives, for example the Derby project made a few releases under
> incubation.
> Hmm. I tend to consider "release early, release often" a good thing. Maybe
> we'll change policy if it proves too cumbersome. But we'll stick with it
> until that's actually the case :-)
> Thanks!
> Leo
> On 01-08-2005 17:46, "Martin Sebor" <> wrote:
>>Could someone kindly clarify for us the process of obtaining
>>an approval to publish development snapshots of the stdcxx
>>podling? The details of what we'd like to do are in the email
>>Thanks in advance!
>>-------- Original Message --------
>>Subject: Question about stdcxx development snapshots
>>Date: Wed, 27 Jul 2005 17:24:10 -0600
>>From: Amit Jindal <>
>>CC:, Martin Sebor <>
>>I have a question about providing development snapshot of source code to
>>stdcxx users.
>>What we would like to do is, make a snapshot of the initially
>>contributed stdcxx sources (revision 219596) available for download. (No
>>documentation in this tarball). Going forward, we would also like to
>>make snapshots available on a semi-regular basis (say once a month,
>>depending on how active the project will be).
>>This is to increase interest in the project for users who do not want to
>>pull code from SVN and just want to give stdcxx a test drive.
>>However according to incubation guidelines:
>>We may not do releases without permission (and review).
>>Will such development snapshot be considered a release or are we allowed
>>to provide this to users of stdcxx project?
>>Amit Jindal
>>Rogue Wave Software, A QUOVADX(tm) Division

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