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From David Crossley <>
Subject Re: Derby post-incubation cleanups: need a site redirect
Date Wed, 03 Aug 2005 00:20:12 GMT
Jean T. Anderson wrote:
> Could somebody redirect to 
> ? Once that redirect is in place, I'll remove 
> the files from /www/ .

Noel recently did that.

> I completed these two steps below and they should be visible the next 
> time the incubator site is built:
> 1.
>    Moved derby from "Currently Incubating" to "Successfully Incubated" 
> table.
> 2.
>     updated derby.cwiki with link to new website

My fault. I re-generated the site, but forgot the final
manual step on the server to do 'svn up'. Done now
and waiting for rsync.

> Below is a check list I started putting together for incubator clean-up:
> [ ] Request repository/karma move from incubator to new location.
> [ ] Move web site from /www/${PROJECT} to new 
> destination
> [ ] Request redirect from old incubator URL to new
> [ ] After redirect is verified working, delete web cruft from
>     /www/${PROJECT}
> [ ]
>     Move project from "Currently Incubating" to "Successfully 
> Incubated" table.
> [ ]${PROJECT}.html
>     update with link to new website
> Is this list useful to anyone else? and is anything missing that I still 
> need to take care of?

It certainly is Jean. We need to create a "Steps for exit"
document - your list can be a start. We also need a
"Steps for establish" document - Roy sent an email list
to one of the recent entrants.


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