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From Dalibor Topic <>
Subject Re: Harmony Podlling Quarterly Report
Date Fri, 29 Jul 2005 13:14:26 GMT
Geir Magnusson Jr. <geirm <at>> writes:

> Is the problem you see due to a misunderstanding?
> The word is "sublicense", not "relicense"...

Aha! As Geir was polite to try to explain to me what makes sublicensing
different from relicensing, let me have another try, this time with an even
simpler setup.

Let's say I am the sole, founding member of the hypothetical Non-native-speakers
Non-lawyers Union Of Fans Of The MIT Software License. Being a fundamentally
freedom loving organisation, in spirit very, very similar to the ASF itself, the
NNUOFOTMITSL only distributes software under the MIT license, and refuses to
distribute software under longer software licenses, citing hypothetical
scientific research that shows that most people do not understand software
licenses anyway as soon as they have more than 4 clauses. [1]

Alas, the NNUOFOTMITSL has by chance found out that the Apache Software
Foundation is an organisation that has produced a huge amount of Works of
extraordinary quality.  Like many other big organisations, the NNUOFOTMITSL
would like to be able to to satisfy the needs of their customers/user/members
without confusing them by having a wild mix of long licenses that cover
different bits and pieces of those works. And the NNUOFOTMITSL would like to be
able to offer ASF's code in their MIT licensed works. 

Does adding a MIT licensed creative haiku on software licensing into each source
file of an ASF work allow the NNUOFOTMITSL to redistribute the thereby created
Derived Work (which includes ASFs code) as a whole under the MIT license, or
under the MIT/ASL2 dual license [2]?

dalibor topic

[1] I am sure that would be a fun field for psychology research.
[2] To satisfy 4.a.

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