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From Dave Johnson <>
Subject Roller status (was Re: **** QUARTERLY REPORTS DUE ****)
Date Thu, 14 Jul 2005 22:54:37 GMT
Here's a summary of Roller status:

Development status

- Work is proceeding on Roller 2.0, which will be ready in August. The 
main (and possibly only) new feature of Roller 2.0 will be group 
blogging support -- this is a big feature and requires a very large 
number of changes to the code base and user interface
- Work is proceeding on Roller 1.3, which will be ready this month. The 
main feature will be better theme management.
- Roller 1.2 was released from Java.Net as a totally non-Apache 
release, but using code from the Apache incubator's Subversion 
repository (we hope to do the same thing for 1.3, but that's up for 

Licensing issues

Roller requires several LGPL components and we're working to resolve 
LGPL issues. We have been discussing this challenging issue in depth, 
here is a summary of the apparent consensus:

- We hope that ASF will come to some agreement with either FSF or 
Hibernate folks which will allow us to continue to use Hibernate
- We are investigating ways to download our dependencies at 
build/install time, so that we don't have to distribute LGPL jars (but 
other work is taking priority right now)
- We're willing to wait out the LGPL issue for a reasonable period of 
time, as long as there is some way for us to continue to make releases 
to our existing user community

Infrastructure issues

- Roller code base has been moved into the Apache incubator's 
Subversion archive
- Roller project is now using Apache incubator dev and user mailing 
- A draft of our STATUS file has been created and is ready for review 
by mentor
- We're not listed on any of the incubator pages yet (can we fix this?)

- Dave

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