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From Andrew McIntyre <>
Subject Re: Derby 10.1 incubating release
Date Sat, 16 Jul 2005 07:36:33 GMT

William A. Rowe Jr. wrote:
> Andrew McIntyre wrote:
>> Should I have posted this as a vote, instead of just as a query?
> Exactly :)  Polls can be interesting, but the bottom line is that
> three ppmc/pmc/members vote to release the code, and you have more
> +1's than -1's, it's a release plain and simple.
> As you already distinguished, it's an incubating release till
> the project graduates.
> If you heard little negative feedback, I encourage you to put
> it to a vote :)

Thanks for your response, Bill! I guess it's a procedural error on my  
part, then. X-)

May I suggest adding to this document: 

towards the end of the Releases section:

Once an incubating project has satisfied these conditions and is  
ready to produce an incubating release, and the release has been  
approved by a vote on the development list of the podling, a  
representative from the incubating project should propose a vote to  
the Incubator via to accept the release  
archives as an incubating release. A majority of +1 to -1 votes by  
Incubator members is sufficient to allow the podling to release the  
archives as an incubating release.

Or something to that effect. I'm sure someone can word it better than I.

And with that said, I shall propose a vote for this release in a  
separate mail.


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