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From Daniel John Debrunner <>
Subject Derby committer update - WAS Re: [VOTE] Derby 10.1 incubating release
Date Sat, 16 Jul 2005 16:01:47 GMT
William A. Rowe, Jr. wrote:

> ++1.  It's great to see Derby's progress as a community!

Thanks for following up and the compliment!!

> I'd encourage your ppmc, as you stop to celebrate the completion
> of this milestone, to look around at the other contributors to the
> latest efforts, and consider some of the more involved individuals
> for committer/ppmc promotion.  As you are aware, one key point
> to ultimately graduating a  project is a diverse community that
> does not revolve around any one individual, company, etc.

Since Derby became an Apache incubator project we have added five new
committers, three in the last couple of weeks. All of the committers
when voted in were not from IBM (all of the six initial committers were
from IBM since it was an IBM contribution). Subsequently through the
Gluecode acquisition one of those committers (the first, Jeremy Boynes)
became employed by IBM.

Derby has reached the threshold of three independent committers. :-)

And all Derby committers are part of the derby-ppmc.

(derby-ppmc is working on getting the visible status file at the
incubator site up to date. The source STATUS file is up to date and
lists the committers and votes (thanks Jeremy), but there is some issue
in procedure in getting the source version reflected in the built site).


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