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From Daniel John Debrunner <>
Subject Incubator projects lacking disclaimers?
Date Thu, 14 Jul 2005 15:10:12 GMT

The Incubator policy page is very clear that:

'Podlings are, by definition, not yet fully accepted as part of the
Apache Software Foundation. Podling web sites MUST include a clear
disclaimer on their website and in all documentation stating that they
are in incubation.'

While that document says other forms of disclaimer can approved by the
Incubator PMC, it seems that several of the incubator projects do not
have any form of disclaimer.

Harmony's site has no clear disclaimer, and its first line is:

 'Welcome to Apache Harmony, the J2SE project of the Apache Software

which is clearly not the case, according to the incubator quote above.

Beehive is also disclaimer free, though since it is close to graduation
it may be too late.

Should the mentors be addressing this issue for their projects? I know
Ken was very quick to notice the initial Derby site did not include it.


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