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From Eddie ONeil <>
Subject Re: Beehive status?
Date Sun, 05 Jun 2005 21:30:42 GMT

  This is a great question -- apologies that it's not more discernable
from the web site.  It's unfortunate that it hasn't been updated in a
while...I'll take care of getting it current.

  I'll give my take on our status -- anyone else who has an opinion,
feel free to chime in.

  I believe that Beehive is making good progress toward graduating
from the Incubator.  We started out having a good mix of
corporate-sponsored (BEA) and non-sponsored committers and have added
two others over the course of the last 10 months or so.  These are:

  Fumitada Hattori (Wolfgang) -- 12/17/2004
  Bryan Che -- 2/7/2005

In addition, the pipeline of potential committers is building across
Beehive.  I know of non-sponsored individuals working on:

- Tomcat 5.5 security integration for NetUI Page Flow
- A Maven 2.0 plugin for building Beehive projects
- Documentation of Ant used to build Beehive source artifacts

I'm quite excited about starting to see this kind of contribution as
one or all of these would put an individual on a path to
committership.  And, these are the beginnings of the contributions I'd
expect to see as the community starts to use more stable Beehive

The last status report I saw was on 4/26/05:

In it, we expressed our intention to push to a 1.0-level release.  As
a result of driving toward this, I think we've had fewer design-type
discussion on beehive-dev@ and have been talking more about samples,
nightlies, and other release issues.  I agree that there has been a
disproportionate quantity of JIRA mail -- part of this is BEA having
testers looking at Beehive.

Admittedly, WSM has stagnated a bit since the spring given the time
it's taken to finalize the JSR 181 spec.  Once that is public, I hope
we'll be able to have Wolfgang, Ias, and Dims helping with the work to
pass the TCK under the NDA terms Geir has provided.

Today, we're really done with a 1.0 for Beehive's Controls and NetUI
components.  I would personally like to see Beehive get an "official"
1.0 done (more on this below) in order to further help community
building.  One thing that would help would be decoupling WSM from our
release cycle until the TCK work is done (was honestly going to bring
this up on beehive-dev@ tomorrow).  Otherwise, Controls and NetUI are
being held up and we're keeping stable software from our potential
community.  We've also tabled some design discussions in beehive-dev@
and in JIRA bugs (for example, around Controls) until the 1.0 is

There is definitely interest in approaching other projects like
Struts, MyFaces, Geronimo, HiveMind, Velocity, and Spring to look at
how we can integrate and work together going forward.  In driving to
1.0, I've certainly not been focusing on this but would love to build
a Control container for Geronimo.  Definitely more of this sort of
thing to come.  :)

Overall with Community Building -- I think we "get it" now.  I'm
definitely committed to being very transparent about design decisions
and code with Beehive going forward and I'm sure others are as well. 
It's been a good lesson to learn while in the Incubator.

As far as an "official" release goes -- I know this isn't generally
possible in the Incubator, so it'd be great if we could discuss our
options.  These seem to be to call it 1.0 (and of course still satisfy
the incubation branding requirements).  Or, we can start talking about
what steps we need to take in order to graduate Beehive from the
Incubator so that we can do so.  Anyone have thoughts on this?
  So, that's where we are...does that help?

Thoughts / comments / flames welcome.  :)


On 6/5/05, Noel J. Bergman <> wrote:
> What is the status of Beehive?
> I will preface this by indicating that I was looking to see how Beehive was
> progressing towards leaving the Incubator.  So I started out to see if there
> were new committers being considered, new names coming along, or just how
> discussions were occurring, and I'm not seeing any.  I do see that the
> project status shows a mix of Committers from multiple vectors (SVN logs
> appear to show two committers added since August 2004, both non-BEA -- not a
> lot, but not nothing), although I have not looked to see how active any
> given Committer has been in the community.
> Taking a look at, it
> appears to need some updating.  It doesn't record decisions such as adding
> new committers, although it reflects their presence.  Reviewing the
> Quarterly reports for this year, I realize that Beehive has not provided any
> content for them since last Fall.
> Reviewing the past several months of archives for beehive-dev, I notice that
> a very high percentage of messages are JIRA notices.  Hardly any developer
> discussion appears on the mailing list.  Where is it happening?  I expected,
> for example, that I might see discussions between beehive, Struts and
> MyFaces developers, considering that one of the challenges for Struts v2 is
> JSF integration, and beehive is also addressing that issue.  I do see good
> discussions on beehive-user, but those relate to using beehive, albeit as a
> developer, rather than developing it.
> All of this relates to Community Building.  What is the perception within
> Beehive?  Am I just missing things?
>         --- Noel

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