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From "Noel J. Bergman" <>
Subject RE: releasing from incubator? -- was: Re: a beehive release and the JSR 181 TCK issue
Date Thu, 02 Jun 2005 03:45:50 GMT
Eddie O'Neil wrote:

> I've heard a couple of times that it's not possible to do a -final
> release from the Incubator, but I've also heard some suggest that
> it could be possible.

It should not be done, by definition of being in the Incubator.

> Didn't Derby do one of these in December 2004 as per:

"Official" or "Final" are probably not adjectives that should be applied
during incubation.

> If I'm messing up terminology

Oh, the terminology got messed up long ago.  LOL  :-)  Even the term
"Release" has different connotations.  It is neutral in the HTTP Server
project (beta and GA releases, for example), whereas Jakarta refers to
Nightly builds, Milestone builds and Release builds, so a Release is

We are trying to balance the need to support community development with the
idea that projects in the incubator shouldn't confuse the public over their
status by claiming the Apache imprimatur.

	--- Noel

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