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From "Noel J. Bergman" <>
Subject RE: releasing from incubator? -- was: Re: a beehive release and the JSR 181 TCK issue
Date Tue, 07 Jun 2005 20:48:22 GMT
Cliff Schmidt wrote:

> Daniel John Debrunner wrote:
> >
> >   Note: incubator projects are not permitted to issue an official
> >   Test snapshots (however good the quality) and Release plans are OK.
> > Maybe it should be removed? It does tend to contradict the bullet
> > it is under. :-)
> Good catch, Dan!  I would certainly be in favor of removing this line.

-1 from me.  And I'll elaborate further ...

> It just doesn't make sense to me to tell a community that believes it has
> a "1.0" quality product that they have to call it a "test snapshot".

Demo?  Technology preview?  Milestone?  Happy Meal?

Look, maybe this is hard to understand, especially if people are coming from
an enviroment focused on code quality first, but this isn't about the state
of the code.  It is about the state of the community.  We had a lot of long
discussions regarding allowing any releases at all from the Incubator, and
it is entirely intentional and deliberate that projects in the Incubator are
not permitted to make anything that smells like an official release.  The
fact that they can make any release at all is out of recognition that some
limited releases may help with community growth, but it also remains that we
do not want users to depend on projects that are still in the Incubator.
Now that may seem a self-contradictory statement, but the community we want
focused on are other developers, not users.

Nor we we want projects to be overly comfortable with a nice long stay.  We
want projects to be serious about getting out of the Incubator from the time
that they get into it.  If this were to mean that projects would start to
put more emphasis on commmunity development than on their code "just" so
that they can get out of the Incubator and make releases ... EXACTLY!

Again, our emphasis is on a healthy developer communities that can be relied
upon to be self-sustaining and follow ASF practices for many years.

	--- Noel

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