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From "Noel J. Bergman" <>
Subject Beehive status?
Date Sun, 05 Jun 2005 18:17:38 GMT
What is the status of Beehive?

I will preface this by indicating that I was looking to see how Beehive was
progressing towards leaving the Incubator.  So I started out to see if there
were new committers being considered, new names coming along, or just how
discussions were occurring, and I'm not seeing any.  I do see that the
project status shows a mix of Committers from multiple vectors (SVN logs
appear to show two committers added since August 2004, both non-BEA -- not a
lot, but not nothing), although I have not looked to see how active any
given Committer has been in the community.

Taking a look at, it
appears to need some updating.  It doesn't record decisions such as adding
new committers, although it reflects their presence.  Reviewing the
Quarterly reports for this year, I realize that Beehive has not provided any
content for them since last Fall.

Reviewing the past several months of archives for beehive-dev, I notice that
a very high percentage of messages are JIRA notices.  Hardly any developer
discussion appears on the mailing list.  Where is it happening?  I expected,
for example, that I might see discussions between beehive, Struts and
MyFaces developers, considering that one of the challenges for Struts v2 is
JSF integration, and beehive is also addressing that issue.  I do see good
discussions on beehive-user, but those relate to using beehive, albeit as a
developer, rather than developing it.

All of this relates to Community Building.  What is the perception within
Beehive?  Am I just missing things?

	--- Noel

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