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From "William A. Rowe, Jr." <>
Subject Subversion / Projects under incubation
Date Mon, 06 Jun 2005 19:39:03 GMT
At 09:15 AM 6/6/2005, Howard Lewis Ship wrote:
>I think its getting to be the right time to move HiveMind to
>Subversion. It's part of the plan at Jakarta that all projects
>eventually be under SVN.

Thanks for the update Howard.  As a general comment about SCC
and the incubator, perhaps it is time, across the board, for all
outgoing projects to make their way to subversion as a pre-req
and prior to their graduation?

Of course code may come in via CVS repositories, and I think
most are comfortable that our infrastructure team does a very
good job with the migration process.  The expectation would
be 1) bring in external repository, with as few CVS committers
as necessary to perform any repository cleanup on the way into
SVN, then 2) migrate to SVN (looping 1, 2 if the incoming cvs
files are particularly ugly), and finally 3) set up SVN commit
access across the board to the incubating project's committers.

Since many SVN users are relative newcomers to the ASF, this
would definitely simplify account creation, in the long run.

FYI - this won't be optional towards the end of the year, and 
I'm thinking its less of a shock to deal with migration with 
the help of the incubator, before project is spun off on its own.

Thoughts, comments or objections?


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