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From "Ken Tam" <>
Subject RE: Beehive status?
Date Mon, 06 Jun 2005 21:31:35 GMT
Noel, re: lack of updated quarterly report content from this year -- I
sent the following quarterly report to for
Beehive on 4/26/2005.  Not sure why it didn't make it into records, I
may have cut the deadline a little close?

----- Forwarded Message-----
From: Ken Tam 
Sent: Tuesday, April 26, 2005 2:34 AM
Subject: Beehive status report (4/26/05)

Beehive is in the home stretch of its 1.0-level release; we declared a
beta release in March, and are on track to deliver a 1.0 in the late May
timeframe.  Posting automated daily builds continues to be an challenge,
but otherwise infrastructure is well in place.  At this point we are
largely focused on fit'n'finish issues in the code, as well as a
polished set of samples and documentation.

The Beehive community added Bryan Che as a new committer in 2/05.  With
the beta release and open planning on features for the next version, we
are seeing increased dev/user list activity -- we anticipate that the
1.0 release will be even more significant in building the community, and
hope to graduate from the Incubator sometime soon after the 1.0 release.
Certain Beehive components have a very clear affinity with the Apache
Struts and AXIS projects, and those projects may play a role in
graduation (pending further discussion).

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From: Noel J. Bergman [] 
Sent: Sunday, June 05, 2005 11:18 AM
Cc: Eddie ONeil; Craig McClanahan
Subject: Beehive status?

What is the status of Beehive?

I will preface this by indicating that I was looking to see how Beehive
was progressing towards leaving the Incubator.  So I started out to see
if there were new committers being considered, new names coming along,
or just how discussions were occurring, and I'm not seeing any.  I do
see that the project status shows a mix of Committers from multiple
vectors (SVN logs appear to show two committers added since August 2004,
both non-BEA -- not a lot, but not nothing), although I have not looked
to see how active any given Committer has been in the community.

Taking a look at, it
appears to need some updating.  It doesn't record decisions such as
adding new committers, although it reflects their presence.  Reviewing
the Quarterly reports for this year, I realize that Beehive has not
provided any content for them since last Fall.

Reviewing the past several months of archives for beehive-dev, I notice
that a very high percentage of messages are JIRA notices.  Hardly any
developer discussion appears on the mailing list.  Where is it
happening?  I expected, for example, that I might see discussions
between beehive, Struts and MyFaces developers, considering that one of
the challenges for Struts v2 is JSF integration, and beehive is also
addressing that issue.  I do see good discussions on beehive-user, but
those relate to using beehive, albeit as a developer, rather than
developing it.

All of this relates to Community Building.  What is the perception
within Beehive?  Am I just missing things?

	--- Noel

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