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From Rodent of Unusual Size <Ken.C...@Golux.Com>
Subject Re: Proposal for STDCXX
Date Wed, 01 Jun 2005 20:30:54 GMT

Heidi Buelow wrote:
> Proposal for an Apache-run version of the C++ Standard Library 
> Submission date: 12 May 2005, Tim Triemstra, Heidi Buelow (TimT @ RogueWave
> dot-com, Buelow @ RogueWave dot-com) 
> (0) rationale 
> The goal of the Apache C++ Standard Library project is to provide a free
> implementation of the ISO/EIC 14882 international standard, often called the
> "STL" or "stdlib", which is consistent and portable across all major
> platforms and compilers. For the sake of this proposal, the project will be
> called "STDCXX" to blend in with other Apache names. 
> Currently, C++ developers spend considerable effort porting code among
> platforms, as compiler vendors are focused on backward compatibility rather
> than cross-platform portability. There are other free implementations, but
> none have the quality, license flexibility, or platform support necessary to
> serve as a universal foundation for the C++ language. 

Not to rain on anyone's parade, or to cast doubts in any direction, but
I'm curious about motivations.

In short, the proposal spells out 'what' -- but I'm curious about 'why.'

There's at least one open implementation out there now: the GNU STL.
What differentiates the RW codebase from the GNU one?  If there are
bugs or performance, uh, deficiencies in the GNU one, why not submit
the changes to the gcc crowd?

And on the other side, what's the 'why' for the people who have expressed
+1 on this proposal?  I mean no criticism; I'm just curious why they
think it would be good to have another open C++ library, and have it
at Apache.

Particularly in light of
and its complete thread.

I'm not against this at all; in fact, I'm rather in favour of providing
open alternatives for just about anything.  But I'd still like to know
why this came out, why it came here, and why some other people here like it.
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