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From Erik Abele <>
Subject Re: releasing from incubator? -- was: Re: a beehive release and the JSR 181 TCK issue
Date Tue, 07 Jun 2005 21:04:59 GMT
On 07.06.2005, at 22:48, Noel J. Bergman wrote:

> Demo?  Technology preview?  Milestone?  Happy Meal?
> Look, maybe this is hard to understand, especially if people are  
> coming from
> an enviroment focused on code quality first, but this isn't about  
> the state
> of the code.  It is about the state of the community.  We had a lot  
> of long
> discussions regarding allowing any releases at all from the  
> Incubator, and
> it is entirely intentional and deliberate that projects in the  
> Incubator are
> not permitted to make anything that smells like an official  
> release.  The
> fact that they can make any release at all is out of recognition  
> that some
> limited releases may help with community growth, but it also  
> remains that we
> do not want users to depend on projects that are still in the  
> Incubator.
> Now that may seem a self-contradictory statement, but the community  
> we want
> focused on are other developers, not users.
> Nor we we want projects to be overly comfortable with a nice long  
> stay.  We
> want projects to be serious about getting out of the Incubator from  
> the time
> that they get into it.  If this were to mean that projects would  
> start to
> put more emphasis on commmunity development than on their code  
> "just" so
> that they can get out of the Incubator and make releases ... EXACTLY!
> Again, our emphasis is on a healthy developer communities that can  
> be relied
> upon to be self-sustaining and follow ASF practices for many years.

Amen - can someone with karma for the incubator site please add this  
to the relevant section? I think this sums it up pretty nicely.

Just my 2c...


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