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From Roy T. Fielding <>
Subject Re: Harmony: project purpose
Date Sat, 07 May 2005 20:02:46 GMT
On May 7, 2005, at 12:38 PM, Paul Hammant wrote:
> Unless I am mistaken, Apache licensed code will never be able to 
> 'legally' import GPL code.

You are mistaken -- the copyright owner can do whatever they want,
as can users.  It is only redistributors that are constrained on
how they can combine and redistribute.

> The logic behind this -
> GPL code can can import BSD, MIT, X11, W3C (etc) code but cannot 
> currently Apache licensed.  That may well be worked out with an 
> revision to the Apache Software License 2.0.

It is only an opinion of the FSF.  It makes no difference to anyone
else and certainly isn't based on law.

> BSD (etc) is not currently able to import GPL licensed code.

Sure it is.  It just can't turn around and redistribute the combination
as anything other than GPL.

> Why would Apache licensed code be any different even if the current 
> issue were worked thru?
> Its the lack of a reciprocal arrangement on legal/allowed importing 
> that is the long term blocker on ASF / FSF cooperation.

The FSF does not have reciprocal arrangements -- the GPL is all or
nothing.  The Apache License is already reciprocal in nature -- as
far as we are concerned, GPL projects are free to incorporate and
redistribute our code.


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