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From "Noel J. Bergman" <>
Subject RE: [PROPOSAL] Apache TSIK
Date Sat, 21 May 2005 15:40:52 GMT
This looks alright, but I have some questions.  First, why isn't the WS PMC
sponsoring this as WS-TSIK?

There is a proposed "PGP" package being discussed in Jakarta Commons.  Would
there be any overlap at lower levels (not at the WS layer) between them,
providing for some collaboration?

> The intent with Apache TSIK is to create a web services project
> to implement standards as defined by W3C, OASIS, and others:

> Rather than trying to implement 100% of a specific standard,
> we wanted to provide simplified APIs that would make sense
> in most use cases.  However, what's implemented will always
> be to specification.

So this only works if the standard permits a subset implementation?

> The WS-FX project is an umbrella for several sub projects. The
> composability of WS standards means that a division into a
> subproject structure is reasonable.  WS-FX's main emphasis, though
> not the only way of deployment, is by way of Axis filters.

> We propose TSIK as a separate project, somewhat competitive to
> WS-FX, but focused more on a toolkit usage model.

> There are a number of Java Community Process JSR's in various stages
> of development.  These JSR APIs will probably end up in ASF projects,
> some sooner than later.

So would the TSIK be implementing these capabilities and then be leveraged
by other API providing projects?  Or is the primary issue here that:

> The JSR APIs often strive to completely implement each specification.
> While this is sometimes valuable, few applications use more than the
> most common functions.  Again, TSIK is designed to simplify security
> usage as much as possible.

And therefore, the TSIK would not be the implementation, but would be a
simplified API on top of a fuller implementation?

	--- Noel

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