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From Leo Simons <>
Subject Re: [PROPOSAL] Apache TSIK
Date Tue, 24 May 2005 13:16:34 GMT
On 23-05-2005 18:55, "Granqvist, Hans" <> wrote:
>> I would prefer to see us put a requirement that during
>> incubation the project must build meaningful ties into the
>> other WS projects - via cross committers and interdependency.
>> That requires the marriage that you envision (and which I, of
>> course, agree with) to occur before the project can be
>> considered to have passed incubation.
> This is reasonable.  I agree.
> However, I can also see the value of a stand-alone toolkit
> that is free of dependency constraints: simplicity of usage
> goes well with TSIK's idea of simplicity in APIs.
> Is there a way to define these requirements to achieve both?

I think in the above you are talking about dependencies on a code level. The
incubation process is targetted more at "dependencies" (rather:
"relationships") on a community/project level. However, once you have those
and build those, the links between the code will usually follow.
Interproject dependencies are a (not *the*) measure for community
connectedness. Community connectedness is the goal, interproject
dependencies often a logical step in attaining it.

You need to share that goal with us, and work towards it. It seems like you
share the goal, and want to work towards it. So don't worry too much about
specific requirements or policies for now, and work towards your goal. If
you succeed in getting there, somewhere along the way you'll probably have
realised that there's a package somewhere in another WS projects that does
some things way better than TSIK does those things. A code dependency
results :-)

Example: Apache Ant does not have dependencies on any other apache codebase.
Yet it has "meaningful ties" with other projects -- many of our projects use
ant to build their software. Other projects (like Apache Maven) embed ant.
Etc etc.



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