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From Justin Erenkrantz <>
Subject Re: Proposal for STDCXX
Date Sun, 15 May 2005 03:38:44 GMT
On Fri, May 13, 2005 at 05:02:07PM -0700, Cliff Schmidt wrote:
> I saw the HP licensing note below, which seems fine; but, if the
> library was provided by other vendors, can you clarify the state of
> any other IP claims on the initial contribution?

I've been informed that Rogue Wave and HP are the only remaining copyright
holders.  HP has agreed to the legal notice that was listed in the proposal.

> When you say "the code will be contributed back into the community",
> do you mean that Rogue Wave will work on in-house ports and
> occasionally drop new versions over the top of what happens to be in
> Apache at the time, or that Rogue Wave will be iteratively improving
> the code base/ports in collaboration with other committers on the
> project?  Of course, I'm hoping you mean the latter; but, please
> clarify.  There's nothing wrong with additional future contributions
> (in fact, that's goodness); but periodic replacements of a bunch of
> existing code would obviously be disruptive to the other committers.

My understanding is that future development will be centered in the Apache

> Hopefully, you'll find some more interest from other folks reading
> this thread.

Yup, that's the idea.  =)

> This should be fine, as long as this notice can be placed in the
> NOTICE and/or LICENSE file of any distribution, and not required to be
> at the top of every source file.

I'm not aware what HP's specific terms were.  However, I have been told that
it only applies to a few files in the codebase and that has HP has requested
that the notices be preserved in the file themselves.

My understanding is that a copyright notice in a file itself is not a concern
for the ASF.  I know that httpd and APR have files that bear similar notices
for files originating under other copyright but bearing a suitable license
(i.e. RSA copyright with BSD style license).

> I certainly understand that it takes time once a project is accepted
> to align your company's logistics with the Apache infrastructure, but
> can you give us an idea of a) roughly how long are you expecting, and
> b) will the eventual contribution be significantly different than what
> you have posted now?

My understanding is that the initial code drop will be imported as soon as the
Subversion directories are available (which is dependent upon PMC approval
first).  Any further reorganization can then occur in Subversion.

> > (5) identify apache sponsoring individual
> > 
> > Justin Erenkrantz (justin @ erenkrantz dot-com)
> That says a lot!  (in a good way ;-)

Ha!  =)  -- justin

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