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From Erik Abele <>
Subject Re: Incubator representative?
Date Wed, 16 Mar 2005 18:37:50 GMT
On 16.03.2005, at 18:39, Ceki Gülcü wrote:

> ...
> By insisting  heavily on  community building and  rigid rules  like 3+
> committers, the ASF may be undermining  the very thing it is trying to
> cultivate.   Developers are  drawn  to  the ASF  in  order to  develop
> software in a friendly environment  and to some extent to benefit from
> the ASF brand.  If the friendly environment is diluted by coercion and
> excessive bureaucracy, developers may  feel prisoner in something they
> don't understand. With his sense  of liberty injured, the developer is
> left only with  one advantage, the Apache brand.   Apache may still be
> deemed  an  attractive proposal,  but  not  as  attractive as  thought
> initially.
> ...

Please remember that we are *not* SourceForge where you can just open 
up an account and 'develop software in a friendly environment' without 
'excessive bureaucracy' - we are the ASF and we have to care about our 
brand; if a project wants to be part of the ASF it has to bring more 
than only a pile of code!

> developers may  feel prisoner in something they don't understand

That's exactly one task of the incubator: to help the newcomers find 
their way into the foundation and to also ensure that they understand 
how the ASF works and lives ('The Apache Way'). I agree that one has to 
learn a lot new concepts and stuff but nobody ever said that it'd be 
easy :)

All in all I think that most of the already graduated projects show 
that this approach can work quite fine.


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