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From Alex Karasulu <>
Subject Re: Prepping for Derby graduation vote
Date Mon, 28 Mar 2005 23:10:09 GMT
Cliff Schmidt wrote:

>It sounds like people involved with the project are happy with the
>user community and the process being followed by the Derby committers,
>and it's great they've added a committer since starting Incubation.
>However, the committer diversity issue has been raised as an issue by
>at least a couple folks.  While it looks like they meet the
>requirement to have committers from at least three independent
>organizations (I believe Noel and Jeremy are the two who are
>independent from IBM), the other question that has been asked of
>projects requesting graduation is:
>If a single vendor/individual was to drop their contribution for some
>reason, is there sufficient independent community to continue the

Derby is a special case IMO.  Unlike most incubating projects with 
developing codebases it is stable, and immediately usable.  Users will 
flock to it rapidly.  Although counter intuitive I think IBM committers 
should backoff a bit and stop fixing bugs or adding new features for 
some reasonable period of time.   The source is out there.  People will 
try to "scratch that itch" but they need a chance to do that.  
Committers should wait for perspective committers to approach them with 
a patch.  They should be there to review patches on issues, applying 
them if they are sound while coaching contributors.  Eventually the 
committer base will develope but not without some pain. If the current 
committers from IBM do too good of a job then this will prevent others 
from submitting patches and getting involved.

Furthermore, IMHO doubt IBM is going to abandon such a generous donation 
to the ASF.

There are more important issues with graduation as Roy just pointed out 
with his veto.  I think once these technicalities are settled this 
project is ready.  The DB PMC must then deal with growing the committer 
base and there's no doubt about this; their tactics to do so are the 
only things that remain unknown.


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