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From Jeremy Boynes <>
Subject Re: Prepping for Derby graduation vote
Date Mon, 28 Mar 2005 22:40:42 GMT
Cliff Schmidt wrote:
> It sounds like people involved with the project are happy with the
> user community and the process being followed by the Derby committers,
> and it's great they've added a committer since starting Incubation.
> However, the committer diversity issue has been raised as an issue by
> at least a couple folks.  While it looks like they meet the
> requirement to have committers from at least three independent
> organizations (I believe Noel and Jeremy are the two who are
> independent from IBM), the other question that has been asked of
> projects requesting graduation is:
> If a single vendor/individual was to drop their contribution for some
> reason, is there sufficient independent community to continue the
> project?

I am absolutely certain that if any single person was to leave right now 
then there would be little impact (although they would be missed :-)

I believe that if IBM were to re-allocate resources but allow people to 
work on their own time then there would be some impact but things would 
continue. There is enough enthusiasm in the community that I believe 
people work on this because they want to not just because it's a job.

If IBM were to stop their people working on it all together (and if they 
are able to) then it would be very disruptive given most of the 
technical internal knowledge and history is in the people. With the size 
of the codebase and the complexity of the technology that situation is 
going to remain for quite some time. Given the ongoing support by IBM, 
both in people and in technical resources (e.g. test suites, the network 
driver, and such), there is no indication at all that this will happen; 
in fact quite the opposite.

In short, I believe there is enough independent community around the 
project already that it will continue, combined with a stated objective 
to grow that community as fast as practical.


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