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From David Crossley <>
Subject Re: Forrest again (Was: Incubator representative?)
Date Sat, 19 Mar 2005 03:56:42 GMT
(I am on the list, no need to Cc.)

Henri Yandell wrote:
> David Crossley wrote:
[snip some other stuff for brevity]
> > No need to "assume" ... the documentation says so explicitly.
> >
> > <quote>
> >   Each project can use whatever documentation system that it chooses.
> >   Perhaps use a fancy documentation management system like Forrest
> >   or Maven, or just use simple raw html pages.
> > </quote>
> > 
> > Please get your facts straight. You are confusing the community
> > and casting poor light on a sister project.
> Quite surprised at the aggression of this, I was unaware that I was
> attacking Forrest.
> My apologies for my extreme ignorance.

It is not aggression and i spent lots of my Saturday afternoon
trying not express any of that.

Two people blankly stating that (my paraphrase) "Forrest is
one reason for complication" probably hit a raw nerve.
Please provide some detail - why is it an impediment?

People have flared on this incubator list before over this topic,
and i thought that i needed to go into fire-fighting mode again.
Sorry for my inadequate expression.

Please re-read my comments knowing that it is not aggression,
just frustration boiling over.


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