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From David Crossley <>
Subject Forrest again (Was: Incubator representative?)
Date Sat, 19 Mar 2005 01:31:34 GMT
Henri Yandell wrote:
> Ceki G?lc? wrote:
> > 
> > Although many ASF members are  represented in the incubator, it is not
> > representative of the ASF because it is more coercive than the rest of
> > the foundation. Some  of the coercion is unavoidable, e.g. IP issues,
> > some  of it mildly  irritating, e.g.  forrest, and  then there  is the
> > community requirement.
> Not sure I understand this. Only one here that would seem to cause a
> problem would be the forrest bit. If incubating a project, I would
> definitely want to minimize the amount of time spent having to do
> forrest things.

Bullshit! Lets analyse that ...

1) Create the project Status page.

cd /svn/asf/incubator
svn up
cd site-author/projects/
cp incubation-status-template.html ${project}.html
vi ${project}.html ... edit the content.
cd ..
vi site.xml ... create you entry: copy a line and change two words
svn diff; svn commit

... that would take you 15 minutes, including the 10 minutes for 
editing the content.

2) Publish the status page (without forrest)
 You can just commit the source changes and leave it to
 someone else to generate the website.

Email the general@incubator.a.o list, and ask someone to do it for you.
Actually, you don't need this step because many of us watch the
commits mailing lists and someone will do it.

Now if you want to do the generation and publishing yourself
using a local installation of forrest then follow:

If you don't, then that is all. Show me what causes you a problem.

> I assume the project's website itself does not need to be in Forrest,
> just their status page. Roller will be interesting as their site runs
> on Roller :)

No need to "assume" ... the documentation says so explicitly.
  Each project can use whatever documentation system that it chooses.
  Perhaps use a fancy documentation management system like Forrest
  or Maven, or just use simple raw html pages.

Please get your facts straight. You are confusing the community
and casting poor light on a sister project.


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