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From Martin Marinschek <>
Subject Project proposal
Date Wed, 02 Feb 2005 16:26:10 GMT
Hi there,

I have the following proposal for a project. I admit it does not have
a very large technological aspect, rather a sociological one, and I
don't even know if the ASF will be the right institution to host such
a project, still I would be interested in your feedback if you like
the idea or not.

This idea has its origin with the marketing idea of the Firefox people
to launch a huge marketing campaign for the Firefox browser; I think
the money used for that (even though it was used quite well) could be
put to even better uses.

The idea of a project named "Lebon":

- the Nobel Prize is reknown as a prize for outstanding achievements
in the sciences; it allows it's winners to continue their research
without any financial restraints.

- the Open Source movement is something quite similar to scientific
research in its positive impact on society, but there is nothing like
the Nobel Prize for people working in this field

- I propose the establishment of such a Prize in the Open Source
movement, from people using and developing Open Source -  for people
developing Open Source, on the base of a yearly vote...

- The prize should be funded by those who will then be able to vote
for the candidates, and after several years or even decades the sum of
the prize should be large enough to allow the laureates to continue
their work for the open source movement without any financial
restraints (my opinion is that every year only the interest of the sum
accrued should be paid out, like with the Nobel Prize itself).

The project would consist of setting up a homepage, a membership
corporation and a banking account - allowing people to subscribe
themselves, to pay a one-time membership fee, to suggest candidates
including some information about them and to vote for those

What do all of you think about a project like that? Anyone interested
in the project, would you think it would be good to have that project
hosted at the ASF or would the ASF not be good as possible laureates
can of course also stem from other open source organizations?



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