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From Alex Karasulu <>
Subject Re: Project proposal
Date Wed, 02 Feb 2005 18:39:04 GMT
Martin Marinschek wrote:

>Hi there,
>I have the following proposal for a project. I admit it does not have
>a very large technological aspect, rather a sociological one, and I
>don't even know if the ASF will be the right institution to host such
>a project, still I would be interested in your feedback if you like
>the idea or not.
>This idea has its origin with the marketing idea of the Firefox people
>to launch a huge marketing campaign for the Firefox browser; I think
>the money used for that (even though it was used quite well) could be
>put to even better uses.
>The idea of a project named "Lebon":
>- the Nobel Prize is reknown as a prize for outstanding achievements
>in the sciences; it allows it's winners to continue their research
>without any financial restraints.
>- the Open Source movement is something quite similar to scientific
>research in its positive impact on society, but there is nothing like
>the Nobel Prize for people working in this field
>- I propose the establishment of such a Prize in the Open Source
>movement, from people using and developing Open Source -  for people
>developing Open Source, on the base of a yearly vote...
>- The prize should be funded by those who will then be able to vote
>for the candidates, and after several years or even decades the sum of
>the prize should be large enough to allow the laureates to continue
>their work for the open source movement without any financial
>restraints (my opinion is that every year only the interest of the sum
>accrued should be paid out, like with the Nobel Prize itself).
>The project would consist of setting up a homepage, a membership
>corporation and a banking account - allowing people to subscribe
>themselves, to pay a one-time membership fee, to suggest candidates
>including some information about them and to vote for those
>What do all of you think about a project like that? Anyone interested
>in the project, would you think it would be good to have that project
>hosted at the ASF or would the ASF not be good as possible laureates
>can of course also stem from other open source organizations?
Very cool idea! I think this is something we should explore.  OSS is 
impacting society in so many ways.  It's a very fundamental movement 
that deserves serious recognition.  I like the idea at first glance but 
ideas like this you usually need to chew on for a while.  I have no 
comment on legalities and other such ASF concerns at the moment but I 
bet there will be trails on that I can learn from.

Thanks for taking the leap of faith to submit such a unique proposal. 


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