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From Erik Abele <>
Subject Re: Project proposal
Date Wed, 02 Feb 2005 19:24:18 GMT
On 02.02.2005, at 17:26, Martin Marinschek wrote:

> ...
> - I propose the establishment of such a Prize in the Open Source
> movement, from people using and developing Open Source -  for people
> developing Open Source, on the base of a yearly vote...
> ...
> What do all of you think about a project like that? Anyone interested
> in the project, would you think it would be good to have that project
> hosted at the ASF or would the ASF not be good as possible laureates
> can of course also stem from other open source organizations?

Although I like the idea I'm not quite sure if this is something the 
ASF should host by itself - I'd rather like to see some sort of 'OSS 
alliance' consisting of *all* the major OSS 
projects/foundations/representatives (ASF, FSF, Mozilla, OSI, PHP, 
MySQL, ...); one activity of this alliance could be the proposed OSS 

Btw, there's already ISOCs yearly Postel Award [1] but it is not really 

"Each year, the Internet Society awards the Jonathan B. Postel Service 
Award at the annual INET conference. The award is presented to an 
individual who has made outstanding contributions in service to the 
data communications community."



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