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From Ted Husted <>
Subject Re: [VOTE] Nutch
Date Mon, 17 Jan 2005 19:44:29 GMT
:) Submit a status report to Noel telling the board that the podling has been accepted :) 

And +1 from me too. 

(0) Make sure that any non-ASF Committers have filed a CLA. If not, they absolutely must do
so as soon as possible. Otherwise, they cannot get karma to a ASF repository. The clas.txt
list is kept in the members repository. 

(1) Be sure everyone on the Nutch team (PPMC) reviews the material at 


(2) Setup your status page in the incubator site. If you can't figure it out from howtoparticiate.html,
ask me. It's not so hard, really. Be sure to fill in the dates as you go along.

(3) Request ASF accounts for any new committers (refer to your list on the status page in
step 2). See the dev FAQ [] for more on karma requests. The dev FAQ
mentions sending email requests. I'd file JIRA tickets instead, but *DO* use the same message
formats specified in the dev FAQ. Infrastructure is under-staffed, and we need to pay them
every courtesy possible.

(4) Get the mailing lists and issue tracker setup by filing requests with infrastructure (see
dev FAQ). 

(5) Get the repository setup or imported. I'd suggest that you grab a tarball of the SourceForge
CVS, upload it to your ASF user directory, and then file a JIRA ticket asking that it be converted
to SVN and setup for use by the Nutch podling. 

(6) Add a STATUS file to the repository, as mentioned in the Incubator checklist. 

(7) Setup a wiki, if you want one.  (I can create the wiki frontpage for Nutch, if you like.)

(8) Decide on the decision making process. Feel free to crib from iBATIS, if it's helpful

(9) Decide whether to use Forrest or something else for the Nutch website. (This is the one
resource not covered by the standard proposal.) 

(10) Review the Incubator checklist for other details.

Feel free to ping me if you guys get stuck on anything. 


On Mon, 17 Jan 2005 10:58:05 -0800, Doug Cutting wrote:
> With 8 +1 votes and no -1 votes this appears to have passed.
> What is the next step?  I made a Nutch release at Sourceforge on
> Friday and would like to move development into subversion at Apache
> soon.  Is that possible?
> Thanks,
> Doug
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