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From Nick Lothian <>
Subject RE: Universal Login proyect proposal
Date Wed, 10 Nov 2004 01:02:27 GMT

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> From: Jose Alfonso Martinez del Paso []
> Sent: Wednesday, 10 November 2004 6:31 AM
> To:
> Subject: Universal Login proyect proposal
> Importance: Low
> Hello guys, I have an idea of a project, I hope this is the 
> right place to post it. If not, forgive me, it won't take long. 
> Having different login accounts for everything  (email, blogs, msn,
> websites, etc) is a pain in the ass. Therefore I have an idea of a
> universal, unique, login account. Lets call it ULOGIN 
> (universal login).
> Lets implement a web service that when giving a login and a password
> will return the authenticated user information, or an error if
> not found. The web service will be listening forever in a public
> available server. Creating an account will be free, and all 
> fields (but
> email) will be optional.
> The desired goal, is that websites will ask you "please enter 
> your ULOGIN
> and password, or create an account, it is free." Developers 
> will no more
> have to worry about implementing authentification; instead, they will
> ask ULOGIN server for that name and that password, and 
> receive an error, or 
> the user information instead. 
> I guess this will only work for websites that does not require to know
> restricted information, such as bank accounts or so. The specific
> details of which fields should be included in the ULOGIN account
> information can be discussed later. 
> However, I just wanted to ask the comunity for ideas, 
> comments, etc. If
> you guys, knowing more than me, think this could work or not. 
> Hey thanks a lot. 
> Jose A. Martinez
> El Centro Virtual
> Guadalajara, Mexico
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