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From "Tina Greene" <>
Subject URGENT inclusion in ApacheCon US 2004 Official Conference Program
Date Sat, 06 Nov 2004 06:30:37 GMT
Dearest ASF  Incubator & PMC gang(s) -

a last minute epiphany of (somewhat) 'creative inclusionism' has struck us 
this week,
ok,ok, -
so we got what we think may be a cool idea & yeah, it is at the last 


we would luv luv luv luv to have a written 'blurb' from all the Incubator & 
PMC Groups to include  in the ApacheCon US 2004 Official Conference Program 
(an 8 1/2" X 11" 'magazine-type' periodical) which is distributed 
complimentary at ApacheCon to all attendees, speakers, sponsors, exhibitors, 
press, & any other incredibly enlightened &/or interested parties on-site.

We'll need to print by the end of the day PST Monday (ahh, yeah, this 
Monday, November 8th)

We would like to hear about - well, pretty much anything you'de like to 
impart regarding what is your particular PMC/Incubator Group, any cool stuff 
about the science of it all, but of equal relevance to us, who you are & why 
you are (assumingly) excited & invloved with this emerging up & coming 
potentially uber-groovy technology...

What inspires you?

keep it to a page (single space is ok) the format that will make us happiest 
is RTF or (sorry) Word
(I'm ducking now...)

We'll have extra copies of the Conference Program so if you do participate 
but can not attend contact us & I will do my best to see that you get one.

send to:

thanks in advance,
Tina Greene, Conference Producer ApacheCon US 2004

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