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From Jochen Wiedmann <>
Subject Re: Mentor(s) required for a search engine project
Date Tue, 16 Nov 2004 21:36:18 GMT wrote:

> I am looking for a Mentor(s) for the following project.


I am uncertain what you precisely mean: Are you looking for a sponsor in 
terms of money? Do you want the Incubator project to adopt your project 
and are looking for a mentor in terms of

If the latter, you should begin to read
Note in particular the section on "Exitting the Incubator": This is, 
what a project must ultimately fulfill to *exit* the incubator. In other 
words, to *enter* the incubator, you should be as close as possible to 
the final requirements. Are you able to put the code under the ASL? The 
whole code? Is there an active community, that develops the project or 
is it simply you? Is the community diverse?

If you believe, that the answer is "yes", then you should start to write 
a formal proposal, that describes not only your project, but also how it 
currently meets these guidelines. See 
for examples. Indeed, you do not need a mentor so far.

The next step would be, that some existing Apache project (ideally the 
incubator) accepts your proposal. That's where you start to need a 
mentor. (Having worked with Harvest in the past and being disappointed 
by the lack of support, that it had, I like the project and would 
volunteer, if noone else steps forward.) However, you really should 
start to clarify for yourself, whether you can meet the requirements in 
the near future.



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