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From "Jean T. Anderson" <>
Subject Re: which parts of a forrest project should be checked into svn for an incubator project site?
Date Wed, 10 Nov 2004 23:03:19 GMT
David Crossley wrote:

>Jean T. Anderson wrote:
>>I'm trying to reduce derby site cruft.  I think only the forrest 'src'
>>and 'build/site' hierarchies need to be checked into svn.
>I have not seen the Derby SVN. The 'build/' directory
>is generated by forrest, so it does not need to be
>checked in to SVN.
Sorry, I should have been more verbose. forrest source and built files
is in

>The resulting docs are usually generated into "build/site/"
>then you would copy them to your "site" respository
>and commit them.
We haven't been copying files elsewhere. We've just been commiting
changes to build/site inthe svn repository. Then a mentor with access to
the file system visible to the incubator web server does an 'svn update'
to make the web site changes visible. An email explanation of the
process we've been following is at

>>In particular,
>>I think that the 'build/webapp' hierarchy is not used by the incubator
>>web server (it gets used by the jetty server bundled with forrest).
>This is another local directory which is created when one
>does 'forrest run' locally to speed document editing and
>local viewing via webapp. Again not needed in SVN.
Bingo! this is exactly what I needed to know. Thanks!

>See the top-level of the "incubator" svn for how it is configured
>for the Incubator top-level website.
>I will be travelling from now on, so it might be difficult
>for me to follow up. It would be better to ask questions
>on the forrest mailing lists.
>See the top-level doc at infrastructure.a.o/howtoparticipate.html
I'm familiar with the forrest list (am subscribed to it). In this case I
thought the question was specific to an incubator project so thought it
better to post it here.

Thanks again!



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