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From Stefano Mazzocchi <>
Subject Re: What to do with FTPServer and AltRMI
Date Wed, 03 Nov 2004 18:11:26 GMT
J Aaron Farr wrote:

> Let's say a group of developers bring an LGPL'd project to Apache called
> JExample from  


> So they convert the license to ASL 2.0 and
> go through all the other hoops but after six months or so, things have
> stalled and it's apparent the project isn't ready for the ASF.  Now what? 
> Can they take the code and the name JExample and just return to
> SourceForge?  

With the code they owned before entering incubation they can do whatever 
the want at any point in time and with any project.

> What about code that was contributed during Incubation?  

They would have to obtain a license from the ASF to use that code, or, 
in alternative, a license from each invididual contributor. Since that 
license comes along with the files, if they like that license, they are 

If they don't, they either have to have that code relicensed to them by 
each and every individual contributor or ask the ASF for licensing that 
code under another license (and that is very unlikely to happen, as 
Metro discussions showed).

> Or switching back to the LGPL?  

see above: they can do whatever they want with the code they own, 
including relicensing. But for code that others own, they need a license 
that allows them to put them under the LGPL. The ASF licenses code only 
under the apache license. So, if you want another license, you have to 
go to each contributor one by one and have that relicensed to you under 
terms that allow you to do the LGPL. Or, of course, rewrite those parts 

> What if it wasn't open source before?

Same thing, the terms of the new licensing scheme you are transitioning 
to don't matter.

> I'm
> not sure if we have policies in place for this yet.  If so, would someone
> please point them out?

I don't think the incubator has a policy/guideline for "failed 
incubation", but I agree that having one would be useful, if only to 
give people an idea.

Note that while copyright of the code is not transferred to the ASF but 
only licensed by the original contributors, the trademarks and licensing 
rights are, thru the CLAs.

Whether or not we (the ASF) wants to give back trademarks on the name to 
the original contributor is, IMHO, something that should be decided case 
by case.


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